Eating Right for a Night Race

Food.  Fuel.  This topic has been driving me crazy lately.  I have nailed my nutrition/hydration for morning runs; during races the porta-potty is rarely if ever graced with the presence of my arse.  (We get well acquainted before the start).  So far I've done 2 training long runs at night (starting at 10 pm or later) and had issues involving pain, suffering and cutting the distance short to bolt back to the *Gary.  This does not impress me.  

I watch what I'm eating/drinking a good month before the race.  Typically I have 1 day off at the weekend but not in the last 2 weeks before race day.  Yes - rice & rice pasta.  No  - pop/alcohol/deep fried stuff.

Trial and error (mostly error I think) has led me to some conclusions

Don't eat a huge meal on the day of the run, have 1 larger meal in the morning then split into smaller more manageable snacks throughout the day.
Resist the compulsion to keep stuffing down the calories because you think you need the fuel.
Be very careful of what you eat in the 4 or 5 hours immediately before the run.
Cheese is not my friend, and it probably isn't yours either.
Trash is still trash, are pizza pockets even in a food group?

Source: The Meta Picture

What I usually eat the night before race day and race day morning

Afternoon of the day before - pasta (tomato base rather than cream/butter/oil)
Evening - club or turkey/chicken sandwich on white crappy bread
Morning - Clif Bar or cereal (almond milk) & Energy Bits (30)

Plan for the midnight race

(Get up late) pasta at 12pm (Grand Lux restaurant)
Afternoon - sandwich (white bread)  (Grand Lux again)
Snacks - fig bars
Evening - nibble on a Clif Bar & energy chews en route (the bus leaves LV at 9 and we have 2 hrs travel)
Pre-race - Energy Bits (30)

During the race

Tailwind in hydration pack
Bottle of plain water to be refilled at aid stations (fits on pack)
Clif Shot Bloks (instant energy boost)
Energy Bits

I'll probably eat a little bit of whatever they have at aid stations as well, this is a huge no (Google 'trying something new on race day') but I'm looking forward to unknown race day treats so fuckit.

After the race

All the food in Las Vegas
All the frozen cocktails in Las Vegas

Stay tuned for exciting updates on whether or not I get the shits during my Ultra!

*Gary Glitter = Shitter


  1. Gary and I are well acquainted. Not a fan. In fact this very morning didn't make er back to Gary...instead the bushes off the run path. Dandelion leaves ARE your friend. But I am still erroring (not sure it can be called Trialling) my way around. Cheese is so your FRENEMY. All veluptuous and gorgous....then the bitch introduces you to Gary. Feck. So. Avoiding her at the mo. All good there a place in which to place BETS on pants shittery for the ET Full Moon? There must be in Vegas, home of betting on everything!!! :-P

  2. All Good Sound Advice...i meant to say.

    1. We'll see if any of it works first ;) Kind of trying to tell myself what to do so I'm never tempted to microwave a pizza pocket...ever again.


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