Treadmill Suspicion & a Night 24k


Every week I do speed repeats at the gym and I'm becoming very suspicious of the treadmills.  Since the place is disgustingly hot most of the time I try to use the small women only area as it is much cooler, however it only has 2 treadmills.  After 3 weeks at my new faster pacing I've found sometimes it is hard-as-hell-nausea-inducing and other times merely challenging.  Unfortunately this seems to correlate with the machine I'm on. Yes, one could be understating speed but I'll bet it's the other one overstating. Sigh. I've been popping the speed up a bit just in case.  


As part of ultra training we are trying to replicate race conditions which means running at night.  On Friday we went out after 10 returning at 1:30 am.  In the dark I had no idea of pace, it was very liberating!  We loved it.  (This is a huge relief since we are taking on the 51k at midnight in a month).  We had far too many breaks for deer passing by, coyotes yipping, fireworks at midnight and on the way back a rustling that resolved itself into 2 curious porcupines.  

Fuzzy blob = porcupine

We are absolutely doing this again for our next long runs as it will help get our bodies better adjusted to the overnight 'I have to be awake AND running and PS stop trying to put food in me' situation.

There was one thing that sucked ....

Apparently I did not do a good job of spraying the back of my legs and even through my CEP sleeves, I managed to acquire 59 mosquito bites.  Fifty-effing-nine.  Shit.  Thank you to Cori for suggesting scotch tape.  I spent the weekend taped like a fecking parcel and the itching stopped, swelling even went down.  Good grief.


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    1. I haven't been able to go anywhere without long pants all week! And it's hot of course.....dontscratchdontscratchdontscratch.... :(

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