A Race Addition! You'll Love This One.

At the weekend there was beer, then there was the oh-so-handy phone to check flight prices.  A plan materialized.  To my credit I didn't actually book anything until the day after.  (After Calgary I may have said I wasn't going to run another marathon this year).  Well this has been on our radar for quite a while:

We are going to Las Vegas in August to run the ET Full Moon Midnight 51k.  

2008 Susan would never have believed this

We've driven the road before (no aliens) but hopefully with all the extra time we'll be spending on it in Aug we'll have a better chance to see some (but no probing please and thank you).  The race ends in Rachel, Nevada:

Start time is midnight and sunrise is around 6am at that time of year - what a way to finish a race.  We are ridiculously excited!!


  1. well now. that looks effing awesome and insane all rolled into one bikkie!!! yahoo. ramind me never to drink with you lest some sort of crazy run registration happens.


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