I started running in 2011 and it has taken me quite a while, 4 years to be precise, to find a clothing company that 100% nails it for me.  Typically I had been mixing things up depending on the style/colour/type of top or bottoms I needed for whatever event I had.  I ran both the 5k and marathon in Pittsburgh in the race issued shirts to the general horror of everyone.

When we registered for Maui INKnBURN was designing race specific shirts for pre-order and they looked gorgeous.  After placing an order I checked out the website then found my friend Terry was an ambassador.  She was super helpful with sizing and encouragement and I ended up placing a (large) additional order for pick up.

Best idea ever.  As soon as I put the stuff on I was hooked.  It is SO comfortable. I was even able to buy great fitting and very cute shorts which is traditionally problematic for me (cough - 'athletic' thighs).  Kev was also smitten, in fact he came home with more than I did from that trip.  That trend has continued, we both love the men's tops. 

INKnBURN is my go to for yoga, zumba, weights, running, hiking, kayaking, you name it - if I could wear it to work I would (and damn I would look splendid!)  Everything is made in the US which I love and although I'm not usually a big clothes shopper the designs are thrilling to me.  I can't wait to see what will come out next.

I took a leap and applied to be am ambassador at the start of 2015.  I can tell you this meant so much to me I was very very nervous waiting to hear back.   The news was most awesome!  We should have a ceremony (in capris).

My order from the new spring line also arrived this week, how amazing is this combo?  I have never in my life experienced more comfortable tights.  Go and check them out - designs are in limited runs so get them while they're available! 

These tights are perfect for San Francisco!


  1. oh sweet, I'm a big fan of Inknburn as well. I'm currently waiting (unpatiently lol) for more stuff to be added to their website so I can use my gift card :) congrats on your news, that's awesome! keep rockin' out

    1. I know! Can't wait for more stuff to come out! Thanks Chantel :)


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