Jackpot Ultra Feb 14, 2015

Dawn in Las Vegas from the window of our enormously comfy room at Encore.  It's time to get this started. The drive to Cornerstone Park is only 30 mins.  I'm running without a Garmin so I figure tweeting now and again might be a nice distraction.

Our base camp is brought to you by Trader Joe's and Wal Mart (and Wayne Newton).  We soon have plenty company around us, Jackpot tent village rocks.

We are about to spend a lot of time here >>>

Clearly I was not thinking this selfie angle through, sorry Kev.

Joshua and Mare set up next to us which proves to be a very awesome thing as we see them frequently through the race and they are simply awesome human beings.

Finally we cross the start line and start clicking off the footsteps.  I walk the uphills straight off the bat, we're going to be out here a while.

I had no idea how beautiful this park was going to be until we started running it.  2 hours into the race I realize my Brooks are not going to work, the grit from the trail sections is going down the back of my heels and rubbing like a buggar.  Brooks aff.  Hokas on.

It's incredibly hot for February, happily there is no chafing.  I have to change back to a long sleeve top around midday due to burny sun.  Everyone is telling me I'm toasting myself though I think I'm sun burned from yesterday's kayaking trip.

I run a couple of very pleasant laps with Rob, a fellow RIF'er in the middle of the race, I forgot I was even running at one point.  Rob you are truly awesome.  No pictures but trust me, he has a fabulous beard.

The routine from the start to now is to refill my handheld with Tailwind each time I pass base camp (midway) then fill up with ice water at the aid station (start/finish line).

At 6 hours, midway through, I have a seriously crap half lap where I wonder what the hell I'm doing and how the hell I'm going to do it for another 6 hours.  Also, why the hell is anyone else doing it either for that matter?  Aches and pains are starting up in my hips and legs so I grab an Advil.  Amazingly after that and 2 Lara bars I feel good again.

From 4 pm to the end of the day I stop drinking Tailwind and just grab water and a handful of pretzels from the aid station on each loop.  It works out pretty well, I have no stomach issues.

Last costume change at 5 pm (8 hours in) do I look dazed much?

After sunset I become deliriously happy, that lasts until my 17th and final lap when I realize the skin on the soles of both feet is kind of coming off.  Walking the trail sections burns.  I think I walked all of the last 2 laps.  Other than that I honestly can't remember when I walked and when I ran through the day, it's a blur.

I have a half hour left when I cross the finish line after my 17th lap.  I decide to head out and drop the beanbag in the first bucket I come to which turns out to be at 0.5 miles.  I could go further but take the last 15 mins to limp back to the finish where I am hoping I can warm up.  Cue the hand dryer in the bathroom. I should have changed into a long sleeve top about an hour previously.  Shivering.

I forget about the medal and get rounded up by Mare to collect it.  It seems odd to have stopped moving.  Josh is still going strong, I am in awe of these runners.

Much shivering in the car follows until we manage to collect ourselves enough to drive back to the hotel.  We limp past a myriad of night clubbers, probably they think we just wandered in off the street.  

9 to 12 pm - 11.90 miles
12 to 3 pm -  9.52 miles  (cumulative 21.42)
3 to 6 pm  -   9.52 miles  (cumulative 30.94)
6 to 9 pm  -  10.02 miles (final 40.96)

I'm good here K thanks.


  1. sooo awesome..you might have me convinced to TRY one of these. Also...how did you keep the ipod charged? haha

    1. Thanks! IPod lasted great, I was very pleased with ABBA's company :)

  2. Love your recap. I think I am going to call you "dazed" and slightly confused from now on lol I love that "dazed" photo of you! It's also cool how you incorporated your tweets. I love meeting new people at races! Well done young Sue! Congrats!

    1. Thank you! It was a pretty awesome day all in all :)

  3. Many congrats on your accomplishment. It looks so fun and exhausting all at the same time, lol. Do you think you will do another race like this?

    1. Thanks Chantel, that's a really good summary there! I would like to do another one, it was great having a time goal instead of a distance one, that worked well for me :)


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