San Fran Plan, a Flesh Wound and a Do Not (not a donut)

After 2 weeks of horrid meh runs alas I do not have huge time goals as we approach San Fran.  Since I have convinced Kev we are going full hippie I will have magnificent and colourful company throughout.  The plan is a steady run with time to enjoy the bridge and scenery.  It is my first RnR race as a Rock n Blogger and I am super excited!  We're going VIP, I'll report back on that soon.

We have also been figuring out weekend sightseeing, you can read about all our epic SF plans right here!


I've had pain in my side for over 2 weeks (coinciding with the meh runs), I figured it was just a pulled muscle.  The thing is (and I know this) my chiropractor can almost always fix me.  Unless things have gone all the way to crap (see Achilles injury of last year) I tend to forget he's around.  When I went in for a routine adjustment on Thursday, he found I had displaced a rib and put it back - I can breathe a lot better and the pain has gone.  So next time I have anything going on, Imma be going directly there.


When you're having a run from hell, do not stop and check out social media.  I can assure you almost everyone you know will be running, enjoying it immensely and making it look effortless.  Perhaps it's just me but this does not help.

Oh, it's not just me.

From The Oatmeal


  1. hahahahhah. i agree. don't look on the interwebs. Bitches Lie! :-P I try to turn up the music and keep moving or walk fast and curse. I empathize with the my very last one, most of mine have not been stellar. You ill have fun in SF tho!! I have FOMO

    1. Nothing worse than a dose of FOMO :( Plenty good stuff coming up though!

  2. ouchie, displaced rib?! Hope you're feeling better. The "springboards" reference made me laugh out loud.

    1. Thanks :) Yep, I absolutely love The Oatmeal, I feel it understands me.

  3. I know what you mean about social media - I avoid it at all costs when I am injured. Just go full "hippie." Find me a peace sign t-shirt :) Lol Rock on sister.


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