Two Running Things

If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good!

Rock n Roll Vancouver just announced the Cunningham Seawall 10k will move to Saturday Oct 24 so you can run the 10k Saturday AND the Half on Sunday.  This can only mean all the bling.  I'm in!  Tina's in too, just wait until you see our costumes.  We have epic plans.

Grab early bird pricing and sign up for the 10k for $35 OR sign up for both events for $99 using code RNRVANREMIX until March 27th.

Wait, one more thing.

Registration is reopening April 1st for FABULOUS Rock n Roll Las Vegas!  Hurrah!

To celebrate you can join the 2015 Las Vegas Kickoff Virtual Run between March 23 - April 1.  Run  5k, record the distance (and the fun you had) then go here to claim your T!  I will be doing just that on Thursday with my hawt running date!


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