Training or Uphills & Oranges?

After I got back from Las Vegas it took about a week or so to get back into exercise related stuff with just a bit of random knee pain and a weird crunchy Achilles in my left ankle (you know, the one I didn't previously injure).  Since February I have been going to Orange Theory twice a week so I got straight back in and will continue that to the end of March.

Here's the deal:

Each class has roughly 24 people, split in 2 groups. Half start on the treadmill, half on floor/stationary row.  Same instructor.  Groups trade off midway. You wear a heart monitor and the data is on a large screen above you throughout. Objective being to get into the Orange zone (80% of your max HR) for 15 mins or so.  I am consistently not managing this.

Fun though, even more stats and charts for a person to play with.

The San Francisco RnR Half is coming up at the end of the month, I'm pretty damn excited. In honour of the event we ran hills on Thursday night until it got dark.  Work is still getting in the way of life :)  This will happen every week until the race, this year I managed Showhome Hill in its entirety at the end of the repeats, cue happy dance.

My InB Wildflower tights went for a test run and took me with them.  It was a beautiful night.

Along with a long run, hills, and a tempo run, the current plan is 2 x Orange Theory plus Bodyweight RX (once a week at work) = solid Half.

At the start of April I will move to 3 pace specific runs (long, tempo & speed repeats), continue Bodyweight and keep the hill night.  I would also like to add another fitness class at work, not sure which one yet.  Something fun please.


I may have finally figured out the secret to shifting some weight, I started a new job last Monday and haven't had time to (over)eat much during the day or sit slouched at my desk. Result? 3 lbs down!

I'm tired as hell, my brain has melted but my pants are finally loose around the waist.  Hmm.

I'm still working on the Jackpot race report!  There's a lot of crazy happening in my brain right now.


  1. Yay weight loss! That's interesting about zones. Sounds like it is working for you. That's a great picture of you! You look so happy & free!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I feel so much better even after 3 lbs. Not sure about Orange Theory & the zones but it gets me off my arse which is definitely a bonus :)

  2. Love your running tights! Where did you get them?

    1. Hey Karen, my tights are from INKnBURN ( they have some awesome spring stuff! So comfortable :)


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