13 Days to Marathon - Taper!

Hell yeah taper!  I've trained hard for this race with one 30k and two 32.2k's on the plan and I nailed my speed and hill training.  I feel really good about that but I'm pretty tired this week.

Things I'll be trying to do before Pittsburgh:

Eat well
Sleep all the sleep
Go to chiro
Think happy thoughts about finish lines
Plan my race out
(I've already picked out my race outfits)
Hopefully - get my energy back
FFS don't gain (any more) weight

I get so nervous before all my races.  I've been having this nightmare about Pittsburgh where all the hills are huge mountains.  Giant enormous bastards with peaks in the clouds.

I've been getting feedback from different directions on my training, for example my 30k+ runs do take me close to and over 4 hours.  There's a theory that any run over 3:15 is actually doing you more harm and therefore 'slower' runners should base the longest training runs on time. For me personally I want to run 20 miles before I have to run a marathon of 26.2 and I want to do it in one shot.  Period.

Packing for the trip is also a thing I haven't started doing yet.  After I'm done obsessively checking the weather forecast I'll get on it.


  1. i particularly LOOOVE getting feedback from different directions on my training --- NOT....seriously it is what works for you. I totally am with you. i need those long runs to feel OK about the impending mara. i should really get MORE ok and get training my arse for a nice ol 26.2...

    1. Run all the things! You're right, you have to find what works for you, absolutely.


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