Happy 5th Race-aversary!

April 17th is a special day in our house as it marks the 5th anniversary of our first race, the Calgary Police 5k.  Oh right, and it's our wedding anniversary too - our 16th this year actually.

My head looks weird because I have my woolly hat on over headphones.  Ah such style.

I figured I was one and done after this race because drumroll...I proved to myself I could run.  Look how crappy the conditions were!  Clearly we did pick a good race because we went on to run our first 10k in May that year then another one in the fall.  Then we forgot to stop.

Flashback - here's my 2011 race report.  As I approach Marathon #6 (#7 for Kev) it's kind of cool to think how far we've come, and how awesome Kev was for agreeing to begin this craziness then run with it (see what I did there?)  Every year seems to bring something new and more ridiculous than the last.  I like that very much.


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