Running Calgary - Planning Ahead

On May 29th we are running Calgary for the 6th time.  One thing hasn't changed in all those years, I still turn purple.  Great.  May 29th is also Kev's birthday, I think running a race is a pretty cool way to celebrate actually.

Jugo Juice 10k in 2011

There are a few things I like to plan ahead on because it's never too early.  Right now we are 6 weeks out but race day will be here before you know it.  Longer training runs are ideal for testing and confirming what will work best for you on the big day.

* Check out the hydration/fueling options offered on the course. I usually have either a handheld or hydration pack as I find it easier to carry things like my phone and I can pre-mix my own sports drink.

* Try out fueling on longer training runs. Gels, drinks, bars. Will this work for me during the race?

* Plan clothing options and try them out. Is anything chafing?  Typically Calgary has a chilly start then it heats up quickly as the sun climbs.  Arm sleeves or a throwaway top are ideal.  Sunglasses and/or a hat are usually essential.

* Get my iPod tunes ready, I like to try different music out in my long training runs then gradually compile a race day playlist.  Katy Perry - yes.  Chemical Brothers - ummmm.

Calgary Half in 2012

* Review the course map and think about how I'll approach the race.  What kind of pace do I plan to run or will it be more about enjoying the experience?  I ran my first Half with no Garmin (because I didn't have one yet) and I'm always tempted to run by feel again, except so far I haven't actually done it.

* Get transit tickets well in advance so I'm not carrying cash or waiting in a line up to buy tickets.  Essential after the race on tired legs.

* Familiarize myself with the start/finish venue, think about time needed for gear check, where the bathrooms are, am I walking far from the C-Train station.  What are the food options after the race?  I always pack an emergency energy bar in my checked bag just in case.

Are you ready?  What else should you think about before the big day?


This year I am running for AARCS, they are a truly wonderful organization.  I saw them in action during the 2013 floods in High River where their volunteers were doing everything possible to rescue stranded and distressed animals. They are real life superheroes. Please consider supporting them by donating here.

*As a ForeRunner I was given a race entry for 2016, however all opinions, thoughts and feelings are entirely my own.


  1. Time sure is flying. I can't believe it's only 6ish weeks away. I won't be there :( I will be in #yeg for a journalist conference. I will be thinking of you lot though!


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