21 Days to Marathon - Long Run Fail and Win


I got everyone up at 5 am then managed an entire 2.65 km of a long run. This did not make for a good day.


I'm pretty sure 11 hours of sleep helped today. Out at 9:45, perfect weather - cool and sunny. I wasn't sure what distance I'd do as after Saturday's mess I had convinced myself I couldn't run. I ran from road (22x) to bridge (Bankshead) to road (Deerfoot) to bridge (Harvie) and reached 16k. It was beautiful outside. Then I did the same thing in reverse. At 27k my feet got objectionable along with the rest of me. This distance takes me a solid 4 hours, so that'll happen.

I'm so glad I got that done, I kept picturing the last long run box on my spreadsheet sitting empty. I've done really well with my plan and it would have sucked to short or miss the damn thing. Last 20 mile run.  Done.


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