The Pittsburgh Pre-Marathon Post N'at!

Eat n Park

The forecast has been going from rain to thunderstorms to cloud to showers and as of this moment it's back to 90% chance of rain.  I'll pack some extra race day clothes options and decide the night before or I'll go crazy from stalking the forecast every hour.  Hang on, 80%.


Well the Pens made the second round (HURRAH) and I have tickets to games 3 and 4.  This isn't really marathon related but I'm bloody excited.


Meet the peoples! I'm looking forward to seeing some fellow INKnBURN ambassadors and hanging out with SCRR, my support network of funny crazy Pittsburgh runners. Love yinz.

First sub-30 min 5k

5k  Clearly it should be a shakeout run, not a PR (like last time).  This is a great chance to enjoy crossing the gorgeous Warhol Bridge and to see the finish line for the first time.  Like the marathon on fast forward, without the hills.

Marathon  I'm going with the traditional 3 goals but I'll be running on effort, not hell bent on maintaining a specific pace.  My training and my body will determine pace on the day.

I do have a few specific goals for this course:

Enjoy the course, the people, the scenery - it's Pittsburgh!
Put down a solid first half (redemption for 2014).
Run as much of the Forbes hill as I can (see above).
Stay focused on running the mile I'm in.

It's a marathon, crossing the finish line is winning! Getting a medal and a smiley cookie then going out for beer and pizza is the best kind of winning I know.

For some great race day tips, check out my girl Brandi's post right here!  She's excited about the smiley cookies too, see?


FOGS? Fear Of Getting Sick close to race day.  It's a thing I have.  It's particularly bad on the flight as it's impossible not to breathe for 6 hours.  Also it appears spraying Lysol in the face of your co-workers is frowned upon?


  1. Sounds like its going to be a GREAT week! Go and be #alltheFAB! xo

    1. Thanks! Have a great birthday and an awesome run, we're doing donuts when I get back!

  2. Go Pens. Yay for playoff tickets. Such a bonus! Go go Susan!


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