Rolls, Bling and Zombies

Hello there, I'm back for random Thursday therapy! Read Amanda's linkup post to find out what I'm going on about.

This is now 2 weeks with ZERO weight change, the first week I cut calories back and had no energy to train (and no weight loss) then the second week I ate whatever I wanted and again no loss/gain, except I didn't feel like death when training.  I'm doing it wrong (hello all the carbs) but I need to focus on energy and marathon training so that bloody roll will have to wait until after I get back.  Then fat roll be leaving.

I love reading, usually I'll go to bed early so I have an hour or so with a book.  Lately, in fact this entire year, that is not happening.  I still go to bed early (at 9, I'm old) but I'm asleep seconds after getting in.  On the bright side, I'm getting 8 hours sleep every night with an interruption at 3am while a slightly tubby and perplexed kitty stands on me looking for a cuddle.


Walking Dead is done for the season (boo) but Fear the Walking Dead is starting again this weekend (yay). The whole Glenn being eaten BUT WAIT NO actually hiding under a dumpster was a bit bollocks in my opinion.  This annoyed me far more than the cliffhanger Negan ending.  I'm excited to see what direction Fear takes as it looks like we're heading out to sea. Yes to zombies, no to drugs. Is it just me or does Nick look and act like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in LV?

And in other news

RnR released the finisher medals for San Diego and Seattle, this makes me excited.  What do you think?


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