A Cup, a Kitty, a Shark

Hey everyone, it's Thursday!  I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to set all the random crap in my brain free, read the original post for more details and join in.

I'm heading out to Seattle for marathon 7 very (very) soon.  I'm not horribly nervous yet, possibly because I'm not going into the race with any goals other than finishing.  I'll be nervous by the time we land, don't worry.  I'm trying to view the whole thing as 'a long run by the ocean'.  With a medal.

We won the Stanley Cup on Sunday night - holy crap!  I was just happy we made round 2 so I could watch a couple of games, now this.  It's amazing.  I'm most happy for Phil Kessel.  San Jose were pretty classy - both the team and the fans, it was a great series.  We saw our first hockey game of the season in SJ, who knew we'd be winning a cup in that building - not me!

We did not make it to the parade...

Junk food, carbs, any food really.  It's been going in my face since the last marathon.  I've gained 3 pounds and need to get a grip.  I definitely feel it around my middle.  Solution - less carbs.  Easy right?  NO.  NOT EASY.

We had to insert a blanket between the pillows so our little Tess kitty can sleep on the bed in our faces.  She's such a happy little thing, so different from the scrap of black fluff we rescued 4 years ago. Purring kitty = happy home.

I love Vegas, LOVE.  This week I may have booked another summer trip (more details coming later).  Rock n Roll also released the medals for the November Strip at Night extravaganza.  I'm already signed up for the 5k and Half this year.  In previous years I've run as Elvis and finished the full marathon.  What can we do to make this year different?  Let me figure that out and get back to you.  I has the idea.....


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