Introducing Sia Fierce, Fitness and Mountains

Hey everyone, it's Thursday!  I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to set all the random crap in my brain free, read the original post for more details and join us.

When we first moved to Calgary, we'd go hiking every weekend. (Hello Lake O'Hara ^^)  Not for exercise or weight loss but for the simple joy of being in the mountains.  It was never something we 'had to do' or scheduled toward a goal event.  The longer we were out there the happier I was.  I want to recapture that as we get into the trail part of LSU training. We're starting this weekend bitches!

(I just had to spellcheck exercise, good grief).

From Good Day Goldfish

I'm up 4 lbs since Pittsburgh which means I am about 10 lbs off where I want to be.  I am owning this, accepting it and moving forward.  My goal is to lose 7 lbs and get back to 130 before the Vegas trip in late Aug so 7 weeks, 7 lbs.   Dammit.  There's your latest neverending weight/diet update.

My work is doing some drop in fitness classes over the summer, I think I'll try a few of those to change things up. I've been marathon training since August last year, 4 marathons are in the books since then and I need to hit refresh.  A bit of barre and spin might just be the answer.

Or this:

Credit 'a person on Pinterest'

Ah TV. I'm going to need TLC back in the fall for 90 Day Fiance.  I heard they were doing 2 series, a brand new one and another with updates from previous seasons.  Yep, sign me up.

A thing happened Tuesday night.  We were driving home and I got an update from Calgary Humane Society about an urgent cat adoption event due to capacity issues.  So, here is the new addition to our family.

 The shelter named her Sia, I'm calling her Sia Fierce as she's quite the independent little lady.  She's 7 and has had a rough time, she recently had a tumour removed and we'll need to work on all the matting in her coat.  She is adorable, sweet and friendly and settling into her new home well.

The adoption event runs June 29-30 (today!) if you're near Calgary and need some furry love in your life.  You can also donate to help them out through the website.


  1. Aw, what a beautiful girl! Congratulations on your new addition!

  2. I've recently tried to switch up my non-running works outs and have been going to a surf workout place! (Post 2015 marathon weight is still hanging on!!) It's been great so far - Studio Revolution in 17th Ave. Strength, cardio and surfing. It's damn hard but fun!

    1. That sounds really different! I'll check it out, thank you :)

  3. Adorable kitty! Good on you both. Good luck with your LSU training. I can't believe it's only 10 weeks away. You have been running so consistent and strong all year - you will rock!


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