Rock n Roll San Diego 5k June 4, 2016

I woke up, checked the clock outside the window, thought it was 9am and we'd completely missed the race, realized it was actually 2am and still dark (and I'm an idiot) then went back to bed. Okay.

Pre race fuel is a WestJet cookie.  I don't eat much pre-5k since the San Jose incident where I had to re-swallow a Larabar on the way to the finish line.  We walk to the start from Little Italy, it's about 25 mins and uphill all the way.  There's plenty time to catch up with these lovely ladies before heading into the start corrals.  (That effect is either sunbeams through the mist or cream on the camera lens - hashtag ARTSY.)  I just met Heather today but I feel like I've known her for ages.  I kind of have, only online.

Me, LibbyHeather, Kaella and Ashley

The climate is amazing here; warm, humid, tropical, but I'm sweating before we even start.  The course has 2 out and back sections before we enter Balboa Park for a last loop to the finish.  My first 4k is fairly decent and happy then I overheat and struggle horribly through the last km.  Meb is high fiveing everyone at the finish line, that's pretty awesome.

I am absolutely determined to finish ahead of the 10 min mile pacer (heaven knows why) and 'might be' having some stomach issues after pushing so hard.  I exit through the finish area pretty damn fast, grab some water and a medal then flake out on the grass by the concert.  Where the hell is Kevin?

Less than impressed by my Garmin

I find Kaella somehow and she texts Kev who has my phone.  Smart.  After the shenanigans we head out to breakfast with our fabulous SD tour guide Ashley.  Then we hit up Extraordinary Desserts.  Oh my.  Life is pretty good today.

We had the Tahitian cheesecake (passion fruit and coconut) and it was magnificent.

Later on, the bling goes to Pacific Beach.

*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts, opinions, funtimes and weight gain through cake are entirely my own.


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