Rock n Roll San Diego Half June 5, 2016

My first running skirt arrived the day before we left so of course after briefly trying it on I decided to wear it on race day.  I like to live on the edge.

An early race start of 6:15 means getting up at 4:30 and walking up to Balboa in the dark. It's drizzling. The porta lineups are crazy and it's well past race start by the time I get to the front. That's okay, corral 17 isn't going for a while.

My legs immediately feel heavy and I'm going a good bit slower than I'd like over the first 5km. Man it's hot.  I'm sweating a lot. Wait, I see sexy people. I think this race is going to be a little bit special.

Bald head + bunches = winning.

At 6k I find mimosas. At 7 something am. 

Then nachos.


Look at this guy getting into the spirit of the thing.  Those are shots of whiskey.  Aren't they Elizabeth?

Behold, donuts and beer!  I love this person.

Say hello to the SDFD. I did.

This pretty much sums up the race. Except not the hair part.

There's a bit less in the way of adult beverages and snacks after halfway so it becomes runtime. There are some amazing downhills through Balboa then we reach this awesome dance tunnel heading back into town. Disco ball for the win.

There's a huge lineup for a donut shop on the left, then we turn and hit the finish line. So many people out watching. I feel really good right now, way better than when I started.

I find Kev easily, we head off to collect remix medals then find the other Albertans in the beer garden. I met Kaella properly on the flight down (at last!) and we ended up hanging with her and Ashley all weekend, so much fun.  

It's Gavin DeGraw time, he is really damn good.  Plus we're right at the front (one of us is a big fan).  Kev is slightly behind with all our shit (all the husband points) but manages to get both high-5'd and leaned on when Gavin comes out into the crowd.  That was very entertaining.

The sun comes out hard during the show. Yikes that's toasty.

After the festivities we head to the We Run Social & Pro Compression meetup. This weekend was all about the people.  Thank you San Diego.

I give you the weekend bling. In case you were wondering, the skirt was perfect.

*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts, opinions and feelings are entirely my own.


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