The RnR Seattle Pre-Marathon Post!


Here we are heading into marathon seven on June 18th. WHAT?  How did this happen.

I did mention a few goals for June a little while ago, let's see....

San Diego: Push myself a bit more, see how it feels. I'm hoping to have my energy back by this time.
That was a nope to be honest.  I was still tired from the Calgary Half and didn't have much to give in the 5k so I went down the fun route for the Half.  Le Boulevard de Mimosas et donuts if you will.  I can usually run a good Half 2 weeks before a Full but not this time.

Seattle:  Figure out pace & fueling.  Run a smart race.
Absolutely, I'm going to have to plan this very well to survive.  Not even joking.
  • Walk through every aid station to hydrate and fuel.
  • First 10k at or slower than 7:15 km pace.  I usually start quicker.  That would be bad.
  • Goal = finish, survive, relentless forward progress.  Don't obsess over Garmin time.
  • Find something positive in every mile.
I am not running a 5k the day before so that means fewer medals, more energy, one less alarm call and less packing - well I'm okay with that this time!   The weather looks perfect with a high of 21° (low 11°) and partly cloudy though I'm seeing some showers around.  It's the Pacific Northwest, we'll manage.

This is also the first half of the 2016 Pacific Pursuit challenge, I saw the medal in San Diego last week and it's very lovely.  The Vancouver 10k or Half completes this challenge in October.

Another very cool Rock n Roll thing is the Brooks marathon jacket and gorgeous new race medal.  I find it helps me to visualize things, especially when there are tough spots in a race.


*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts, opinions and feelings are entirely my own.


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