Race Addition for 2016!

We are going to make it a three-peat of the ET Full Moon Midnight races!  I'm beyond excited about this, nothing makes me happier than running in the Nevada desert in the middle of the night.

Race night is Aug 21, 3 weeks before Lost Soul so although we haven't committed to distance yet we're thinking Half Marathon.  It's also the 10th anniversary of this race so we're due for some alien abductions fo sho.

The black mailbox is no more but I hear there's a shrine of some sort happening so it'll be cool to have a look at that.

Also, this trip comes with the bonus of a few days in Vegas in sweltering August heat.  Yes please.

2014 race report
2015 race report


  1. Why the heck not?? Yay sounds like a blast! How is your training going for Lost Soul?

    1. Right?! Planning to hit up some mountains for the next 10 weeks :)


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