A Run Through Wedding, Gin and Fresh Air

I'm just back from sunny Vegas.  It is bloody freezing here, insert numb sad face.  I haven't entirely unpacked yet and the race reports are not started so it's a great time to link up with Amanda at Running With Spoons to share a few random thoughts I had from the weekend. Presenting:

Vegas edition!

We renewed our vows at the run through wedding on Sunday night, it was awesome.  We got married in the Grand Canyon 16 years ago and never really had a lot of photos from the event (maybe only 3 good ones) since it was all a package deal and the provided photographer was a bit crap.  This is my favourite one from the renewal, also it's the first time we've had a photo taken with the sign.  Thank you Marathon Foto.

There were so many things we wanted to fit into the trip, instead of running around like crazy people doing them all we prioritized a few key things and really enjoyed them.  We chose not to fight the traffic and missed out Trader Joe's this time. We skipped out on doing some social media stuff and got outside. I need to do this with more aspects of my world.

We saw our first Cirque show - The Beatles LOVE.  It was colourful and captivating and very entertaining.  We're definitely going to check out another one the next time we're back.  There was a ticket offer on and we ended up in the first row at eye level with the stage so it was kinda like being in the thing.  

On the other end of the spectrum the Sunday pre-race headliner was Snoop Dogg and he was GREAT.  We got there early to be close to the stage.  Snoop handed off a large joint into the crowd early on and it made its way round the masses, at a running event full of healthy people...that made me laugh. If anyone knows how this pacer did in the race kindly let me know. 

Between all the race hoopla there was time to enjoy the stillness.

Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right.

Overheard on the flight home:

I run every second day
Oh no, we're slow runners we did the marathon in 4 hours
Yeah I have to watch what I eat when I'm training
Me *just had pizza for breakfast*  not even sorry

Now if you'll excuse me I have to sleep for 3 days.


  1. Congratulations on renewing your vows! Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip :)

    1. Thanks Leigh! It was lovely to get away somewhere warm. Calgary saved a cold spell for our return it seems.


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