Fave Five: Running Stuff of 2016

INKnBURN skirts

Huge game changers for me this year, and unless it's minus something awful degrees I'll be in them.  Read my in depth review here.  To sum up they're comfortable, stylish, light, functional and perfect for any distance on any surface.

Pro Compression socks & sleeves

Last year I bought a grab bag and hadn't really had a chance to try them out.  This year it's safe to say I have!  I'm deeply smitten with the range of patterns and colours and holy crap they're comfortable as well.  Winning!  The price point is excellent on top of all that and there's almost always a deal to be had.  All Pro Compression socks are made in the US.  This makes me happy.

Nuun Boost (Nuun Energy in US)

I'm essentially living off Lime and Mango/Orange flavours.  I have tubes at work, at home and in various gym bags.  I used Nuun during the 54k trail ordeal of September (kidding, it was fun, really) and never got tired of the taste. It was a little treat. I love the addition of plant based caffeine. I also find the flavour stronger in Boost than regular Nuun, perfect.

Dirty Girl Gaiters

We needed gaiters for Lost Soul (they make them for dirty boys too) and found these guys.  Every possible pattern to suit your race and easy to apply to shoes.  Successfully tested during the race.  I might pick up some more in case I repeat the craziness.

Road ID

I'm crap at filling out the backs of bibs before a race, but with Road ID I'm covered.  The sports bracelet is adjustable or I can attach it to my hydration pack.  Kev ended up in the medical tent after Calgary, so I got him one too.  We were able to note his low blood pressure on the tag.  Less worrying is a good thing.

What are your faves?


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