Rock n Roll #Stripatnight LV Half (Run Through Wedding!) Nov 13, 2016

I originally planned to get my hair done so you can imagine my excitement when I found this pretty veil from Sparkle Athletic at the Expo ($10 veil > $100 hair).  We both wore INKnBURN Lust and our jailbreak calf sleeves, because wedding, prison, you get the picture. I added a lovely blue hairband and matching wrap from Momentum to round out the wedding accessories.  Running weddings are fun!

We decided this year we would enjoy the crap out of the headliner so we start walking to the start line festival at 1:30.  It is so warm and sunny!  It's fairly quiet when we arrive at 2:15 so we head to the stage and hang out until Snoop appears.  We have an awesome view!  He may have passed that thing in his hand around the crowd....not the microphone, no.

So entertaining, I love this choice for a headliner.  We can't move from our spot by the stage so I miss all the meetups, worth it for Snoop yep!  Laidback....

We meet our awesome RocknBlog coordinator on the way out to the corral - hi lady!

From my experience in the Blue Wave today I am a big fan of the new system.  

We are the last corral in the wave (12) and find all the space behind us kinda cool.  Security is very tight on people without blue bibs, they are escorted back.  The corral closes at 4:10 for a 4:30 start and we have plenty time to line up for the bathroom, take pictures, comment on outfits and generally enjoy everything while we are waiting.  The elites start and Mike Wardian runs past dressed as Elvis, not only will he be setting a record but he's going to win the marathon!

Go time! We start right at the back and end up with tons of space the first 3 miles, it is perfect!  Here's stop one, we never got a photo with the sign before and this just makes me happy.

Couple with castle, must be Vegas!  It'a warm night for running, totally different from last year.

It's dark, we're running, and this is the best we can do to show the turn off for the run through wedding at mile 3.

What a pretty setting at The Park (between Monte Carlo and New York).  The actual ceremony is about 5 minutes long, though we do spend a bit of time waiting for everyone to arrive.  It's nice just enjoying the atmosphere. We ditched the Garmins entirely for this race.  Laidback....

A few minutes well spent trying to drink this without it coming back out my nose...and we are officially remarried.

Back on the road which is significantly busier now.  OH LOOK CHER. The first 5k takes about an hour including the wedding.

It wouldn't be a wedding without Elvis.

Next stop downtown.

After we head back onto the Strip we take a moment to pay respect to the marathoners with a beverage, though I think the signs for the mara route turn off are now down.  Last year we weren't even halfway yet, this year only 2.something miles to go!

This is just before the finish line.  EPIC.

During particularly lengthy races I frequently become possessed with wild abandon when spotting the finish line.  Today is no exception.

We still manage to continue our tradition of finishing together.

The photographer thought this would be funny.  Does a vow renewal require a proposal? Ours was more like - Kev I've signed us up, that okay?  Marathon Foto was really good, I'm glad I pre purchased the $50 Half package, definitely worth it.

There's a bit of a walk for medals, photos, choc milk (yay Tru Moo!), food, remix medals, heavy medals and a very handy bag provided by Geico to stash it all in.  Excellent idea there.  We are stuck on the west side of the Strip which means a few stairs before we can get back across to the hotel (none of the escalators seem to be on), but on the walkway we spot Bubba Gump and just like that we have dinner plans.  

My mum made these little bears for our first wedding, so of course they came with.  This race is pretty amazing, what a way to end the running year.

*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts, opinions, Elvi and marriages on the run are entirely my own.


  1. Best recap ever! Can't believe we missed you guys at the wedding. See you in May!

    1. I know, right! There were loads of people doing the wedding though! See you soon :)

  2. Love this! I stopped for the same Elvis. He rocked! Congrats on your renewal and hope to see you both again soon!

    1. Every race needs an Elvis! So fun seeing you out on the course. Time to plan more races!


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