Next! Rock n Roll Las Vegas Strip At Night

It's that time again!  There are so many things I'm excited about this year, I just want to get packed and get on that plane.  NOW!

If you haven't registered yet, use my code RUNWITHSUE for $15 off the Half or Full.

Here's a few of the things I'm most excited about:

The new corral system.  This has been a recurring issue for this race, and RnR have come up with a pretty impressive solution for 2016.

This year there will be 3 color waves - blue, green and yellow, each containing about 12 corrals.  If your bib is blue you must enter through the blue gateway and so on.  All marathoners are in the blue (first) wave.  This is a huge win and I'm so happy to see some love going to the 26.2 'ers.  This gives them a clear run at getting the race done within the fairly strict time cutoffs.  Note: I'm running the Half this year, but this still gives me a big giant happy.

The website has the time details for each wave check it out if you're running.

Snoop!  Yes.  Snoop is headlining.  I'm going early fo shizzle (I had to do it).

Run Thru Wedding.  We are signed up for the vow renewal! We hoped to do this last year for our 15th anniversary but chose to run the marathon instead.  There are something like 175 couples registered (wow) we all run to mile 3 and stop at The Park for the ceremony.  Then we finish the Half after.  Isn't that an awesome idea?  I'm thrilled to be part of it all.  Watch this space for a review.

KISSED ALIVE.  The last twice I've done this race I have run past these guys and not had a chance to stop and enjoy them.  This year they'll be out on course at the 5k and the Half.  I plan to take a few minutes to listen to some tunes!  Finally.

With the Running Elvi in 2012 - epic

The crazy.  No time goals and stopping for a wedding = more opportunity to really see the course, the entertainment, runners in costume and the general craziness going down The Strip.  Plus we have a few meetups going on with people we don't see enough.  We can fully absorb the epicness of the events, and maybe run a little bit as well?  Winning. There are donuts happening before the 5k, life is good.

Donuts you say?  Why yes, here's the meetup details!   My awesome friends are hosting, come by and visit.

*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


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