INKnBURN Skirts 5 Months Later!

Back in June I took a chance on buying my first running skirt from INKnBURN.  I had no idea this would happen...

I'm so happy it did!  Wow. My bank account is less pleased right enough. Since I only had one skirt when I posted my last review I wanted to revisit this item having now accumulated a few (um...8) more.

I had plenty challenges during my first 100k trail attempt in Sept but my INKnBURN and my amazingly comfortable skirt was not one of them. Far from it.  Even after 12 hours there was no chafing on my body at all.  Guaranteed zero pain in the shower after!  I am confident enough in the skirt to wear it for an entire day (and potentially a night) out on trails.  (Maybe InB could make socks as well?!) 

I picked up a classic style skirt recently and I'm finding a big difference between the classic and the new; classic is much tighter on the sides, more A-line, and the shorts are shorter.  The new design (all 2016 skirts) is basically everything you could want from a running skirt, a lot of work has gone into this awesome and refreshing update.

Here's what I love:

I don't notice I'm wearing them, I can't feel the seams anywhere and the skirt material is very light.
The inner shorts are a good length to prevent thigh chafing even with my athletic thighs.
The flowing design with side slits is very elegant (I love it even though I'm not a girly girl).
Both sides have easily accessible pockets.  Nothing falls out when running.
Comfortable and wearable on roads and trails, I wear them to hike all day as well as run.
Durable and tough but light and flowing.
Consistent fit in all the skirts, I know exactly what I'm getting when I buy.

The designs! 

I'm still very excited about finding these this year, I definitely recommend trying them out.  I can wear a 6 or an 8 but prefer the extra skirt material in the 8 for a more 'flowy' look. I'm the same in InB shorts, I can wear 6 but prefer the 8 for a looser fit.

There are quite a few designs available right now online and more are added frequently so keep an eye out.  I am!

*INKnBURN did not request or compensate me in any way for a review, I just wanted to share how happy I am with the product.  I am an ambassador.


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