Rock n Roll Las Vegas 5k Nov 12, 2016

Since we were renewing vows at the run through wedding on Sunday, we had to attend a meeting back at the Expo on Saturday first.  We picked up Steff and Joe after getting stuck in crazy busy Strip traffic then located the room full of excited couples.  There were around 200 couples renewing and getting married the next day!  It was very entertaining.  It's cool to meet people in real life you sort of know online and immediately feel like you've known them for years.  I can't wait to see them again in May!

There was plenty time after the meeting to get to the race.  We parked at SLS and headed out to the grounds via the mirrored ceiling.  Of course.

Soon we spotted Brandi, the keeper of donuts.

Well this is going to be epic.

I arranged a group pic before the race with SCRR, hello awesome Pittsburgh people!

I was so happy to run into Kaella, she's always smiling, love this girl.

Then we found fellow Albertans, Lisa and Cori.  They have excellent hair AND Lisa finished the 100k at Lost Soul this year, so she's my hero.

I attempted to use the glow sticks for lighting since my phone has no flash...Andrew and Meghan are clearly impressed.

Brian takes amazing pictures.  We Run Social crew Las Vegas 5k edition.

OH WAIT, there was a race too.

I start in corral 4 but find I'm at a complete stop even before the first bend.  It's very congested.  Meh, might as well just enjoy the race.  It's a warm still night, not even remotely cold.  There are 8000+ runners out tonight.  That be a lot.

The course goes out and back behind Circus Circus then follows the road at the bottom of the grounds before winding back in to the finish.  Slightly different from 2015.

I found it was busy throughout, I got stuck a lot and it was very tiring, probably because I haven't speed trained in a couple months.  Or maybe it was all the drinking the night before?

I spot Meb at the finish line and get a high 5 - winning! I basically find everyone at the end except Kev, nope he's vanished.  When I eventually locate him we're too tired to do much, we head back to the Elara for a shower then eat downstairs.  Note: do not try to eat in a bar when UFC is on, you won't even get near the door.

The medals are awesome, I've loved the 5k designs the past couple years.  So much attention to detail and pretty much the same size as the other distances.

*I am a member of Rock n Blog for 2016 and was given a complimentary Tour Pass, however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


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