2016 Final Goal Review

Another goal post.

I think setting goals worked pretty well for me in 2016, and while I certainly didn't achieve them all (I'm looking at you credit and waist lines) it helped me focus.  I'll carry a few forward into 2017 and add some new ones.

The running ones (2 goals)
Check, I ran 3 marathons and completed my third ultra en route to DNF'ing my fourth.  Done and done.  I'm happy I had the guts to try a trail 100k.  I'm not friends with trails....yet.

The money one
I wanted to pay down my credit line, and to a small extent I have.  It is far from zero but at least there's progress.

The one about eating better
Oh dear.  I did for a while, then it slid again and now I need an all out intervention.  After I finish this ice cream.  And those chips.  Current status: afraid to get on the scales.

Interacting with other human beings
Some days I just can't do 'the people thing'.  It wears me out.  It's been an excellent year for meeting new people and seeing old friends.  Overall good.

The fitness one
Success.  I've done 'things that aren't running' and of course actual running all year.  Currently Zumba and strength training with a bit of kickboxing.  I really enjoy the variety.  It's time to move on from seeing myself as 'basically lazy and hate doing stuff' to 'active, fit and enjoy doing stuff all the time'.  Why is that hard?  Go figure.

I don't hate 2016 at all, it has brought many good things, but it's kind of exciting to move on to a new year with fresh goals.

I'm ready.


  1. Goodness, January went so quickly I didn't manage to stop by until now. My apologies and thank you for linking up!

    I think sometimes we discredit progress when we don't reach our goal. Progress shows we're working our way toward the goal, even if it might take a bit longer than we initially thought.


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