Chocolate, Floofs and Fries

Happy Thursday folks!  It's the first day of December and the weather here seems to know it.  After a pleasant November it's all going down the frozen tubes.  I'm linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons today to share a few random thoughts.

November goals...

Oops. F A I L as far as eating, weight and anything else constructive goes.  Well I did do some running. There was the Vancouver trip (eat all the things) then two weeks later the Las Vegas trip (eat even more things).


December?  Get back on track.  Stop the gain, good grief.  CONTROL.

My favourite show 90 Day Fiance has finished, this makes me sad.  Until another season rolls around I need some viewing suggestions. While we're on the topic I was quite annoyed at the constant questions they fired at Anfisa on the 'tell all' studio show.  I guess the other couples were not providing enough drama.  She should have told them all to buggar off.

This stuff is amazing.  My lovely brother in law sent some over from the UK, he takes such good care of us ex-pats.  If you're reading this, no of course we didn't open one of the Christmas prezzies already.

You can also file that under 'why I'm gaining weight'.

We came home from Vegas to a rocky state of kitten relations in the house, we adopted Sia after she had been abandoned by her previous owners and it's no wonder she gets upset when her people leave for a bit.  She doesn't know if we're coming back, poor bundle.  Things are getting a bit better with much love and attention.

Like floofy cats?  I'm following a very entertaining page on IG and FB by 12 cats lady.  I particularly love her videos.  The little black one really reminds me of Sia, I wonder if she has a bit of Persian in her?

As everything feels like it's turning to crap around us, I found a great post on training your brain to find little bits of joy in everyday things, here's the post from Quartz.  Well worth a read.


More good news, in only 20 days we hit the Winter Solstice and the days start getting longer again!


  1. Oh man, 90 day fiance is addicting! I'm not sure I agree that they were picking on Anifsa. I feel bad for her, yet she was the one who brought it on herself! There was no reason for her to be such a b*tch to her bf during the show or key his car with idiot. How he's stayed with her, I have no idea! Did you watch Married at First Sight?

    1. I did watch it! I was annoyed at those two who claimed they hadn't 'been intimate' oh for heavens sakes. The car keying episode was crazy, who does that? Of course she's only 19.... :)


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