Pittsburgh Marathon News and Discount Code!

I am so happy to announce I have been chosen as an official blogger for the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon!  In May I'll be running the marathon and 5k to complete the Steel Challenge and you can follow along right here.

This will be my third time taking on 26.2 in Pittsburgh which is remarkable in itself as I don't usually repeat courses (or even drive them before the race if I can help it).  The Pittsburgh Marathon will represent 38% of all full marathons I have ever run.  This one I sorta love.  It has royally kicked my ass and it has given me PRs.  We have a special relationship.


Since this is the only marathon I plan to run in 2017, what if I really give it everything?  I have never gone into this race intending to do anything else but in 2016 I had just run another 2 marathons (I had to, to make this one Sixburgh - see what I did there) so I wasn't at my best energy level when race day rolled around.

I'm excited to train hard and make this one count.


Who's with me?! Use code WARCHOLAK17 for $10 off Half or Full Marathon entry.


  1. I'm so excited we get to do this together! Knowing it is much colder for you this winter will push me for sure! Can't wait to see you again!!

    1. I can't wait either! I just bought a treadmill actually, is this cheating? :)

  2. Congratulations! You are such a great ambassador!


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