Rock n Roll (n Ab Fab 2) Vancouver 10k Oct 22, 2016

Wigs packed.  Flights booked.  Remember last year?  Well it was so fabulous we did it again!  Are you ready for our jaunt to Vancouver Pats?  How far is 10k anyway?

Is this thing on?

Time to meet up with our fabulous friend for a photo shoot.  Bloody paparazzi, so demanding.

Does this Inukshuk make your hair look big Pats?

Where is our entourage?

Can't take this one anywhere.

Soon after setting off around the seawall we require a brief pause at the medical tent.

Beehive-mergency, just fix it a bit in the back darling.

No smoking or drinking on the beach, well that's no fun.

Oh thank heavens a bar.  Beverage anyone?


Are we there yet?  We must have done 3 marathons already surely.  RUN SWEETIE!

No pictures.  Please.

It's the damn paparazzi again.

Darling, did we win again?  I'm sure we must have.

Is this one of your exes Pats?

Were you married to this one as well sweetie? Where's the booze, we were promised booze.

Ah there we go.


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