2016 in Running

January started out with a 29.29 5k and a marathon PR (5:14) in Arizona. I wanted to run 2 marathons to earn the Desert Double Down, mission accomplished!

In February I ran the Hypothermic Half and found a yeti. I felt good in this race running 2:23 probably because it was cold.  It was my best Half time of the year.

I trained really hard for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May (Sixburgh!) The 5k was brilliant with Brandi. But the marathon didn't go well in terms of time. Instead I turned to beer.  I got to hang out with some of my favourite people though.  The trip was perfect, exactly what I needed.

We saw a couple of Pens playoffs when we were in Pgh and by the time the Calgary Half came around we were about to head into the Finals. So this happened.  I think it brought us good karma.

With Kaella and Ashley

June was busy with Rock n Roll San Diego (an outstanding race weekend) then Seattle where I ran my 7th marathon (Kev's 8th).

We spent the summer days on long trails in the mountains, covering around 20 miles per trip. It was helluva beautiful. There were 2 trails I've had on the hiking list for years and we finally did them thanks to trail running - Iceline/Whaleback and Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit.

August brought our third visit to the ET Full Moon Midnight race, we chose the 51k again this year. Third ultra complete.

In September I got around 54 kms of the Lost Soul 100k. Also, my first DNF but it was well earned I guess.  I really need to try this race again.

October was all about Rock n Roll Vancouver, a fabulous 10k and the Half. I ran Harvest as a warm up but I was definitely not in great running shape at this point. Nope!  Sometimes it's all about fun.

We closed out the year in style renewing our vows at the Rock n Roll Las Vegas run through wedding.

Best race experience:  Rock n Roll San Diego for the party and the people.  Did I mention the Gavin DeGraw concert after the race with free beer?

Best run:  My 5k in Arizona, I love being able to run under 30 mins without dry heaving at the end :)

Best new piece of running gear:  My INKnBURN skirts (did I mention that before?!)

Best running advice you've received this year:  DNF doesn't mean failure.

Most inspirational runner:  Desi Linden.  Strong and determined, damn she worked HARD in Rio and she owned every part of her race.

Favourite picture:  That Vegas one up there, we funny.

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat:  While I was sitting in the finisher tent I had already decided to run Pittsburgh again in 2017.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?  Epic, varied, challenging.

I'm linking up with Courtney to bring you my year of running!



  1. You had a great and busy year of running!

  2. What a year! I had my first-ever DNF in July....like you, I did not see it as failure, but of necessity (I had a 12-hour ultra a week later, and THAT was more important than my ego at the finish line of a race I should not have even started LOL)

    1. It took me a little while to see it that way, I have to be honest - but yes, priorities!

  3. Such fun races this year! Love your piece of advice :)

  4. Definitely an epic year! Wow. Sounds like so much fun. :-)

    Loved the best advice you got.

    1. It was a fun year, I'm ready for a few less but more focused races in 2017 I think :)


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