I'm Doing Stuff, Honest

I had a little extended blogging break there while we enjoyed Pittsburgh.  It was wonderful.  As usual you don't realize how stressed you aren't anymore until there's pizza, a pitcher of beer and your best friend in front of you.

I have some stuff going on, I'm back at work today (ack) and I went back to strength training today (yay).

Coming up really soon...
  • Race reports for Pittsburgh.  I want to capture everything properly so yeah, work to be done...but it's fun work.
  • Calgary Marathon weekend.  I registered for this during the time of flu-plague delirium and am now questioning my decision making.

More on that last point later.  I'm feeling really good after a marathon and a rest, all the little niggly issues I had in training have gone.  It's lovely.  I'll do a test run at the weekend to see if this feeling of being refreshed extends into my running.

Did you know it only cost $30 for my Marathon Foto downloads this year?  I like.


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