The Night Before Raceday #GameOnPGH!

And all through Pittsburgh not a runner was stirring, unless they're watching playoffs, which I will also be doing.  Last year there was plenty stirring, I was kept up listening to some awful racket performance thing down in Market Square.  I like to have everything organized ahead of time, here's a few things I try to do the day/night before the marathon:

Shoes n'at
Do that last weather check then lay everything out for the morning (by which time the weather will have changed again anyway).  Remember a throw away top or garbage bag if needed to keep the rain off in the start corral.  I'll be in corral D which means a 30 minute wait.  Note: you can borrow clothing people in the front corrals have discarded.  Is that gross?  Totally did it.

Lay out gels, chews, sports drinks, whatever your fueling choice is.  I pre-mix my hydration pack and put it in the fridge overnight so it's one less thing to do in the morning.

I have a larger meal in the afternoon (simple carbs, some fat) then a light snack later on.  Do what you know works for you. Stay hydrated, especially if you have run the 5k that morning.  I will add nuun to my water to replace electrolytes.

Getting there
I stay downtown and walk over to the race start.  If you are driving in make sure you have a solid plan including parking locations in advance.  The last thing you need on race morning is logistics stress.

SCRR 5k 2016

Race stuff
Set up runner tracking and Facebook updates if you want everyone to know what you're doing.  Check the time and location for your running group's pre-race photo.  When does bag check close? What time should you be in your corral?

A lot of time, sweat and energy went into training.  Now is the time to reflect on your awesome amazing journey and look at how far you've come.  The race is the best part!  Savour the nerves, the feeling of being alive....enjoy every moment.


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