Pittsburgh Marathon 5k May 6, 2017

The Saturday 5k, also known as 'the fun bit' is the first part of The Steel Challenge.  It's a lovely course from PNC Park to downtown via the Clemente Bridge (usually it's the Warhol).  If I lived in Pittsburgh I'd do this race without question every year, it's one of my favourites.

Since the temperatures are similar both days it's also a great chance to try out race clothing.  FYI I have two of these skirts, I am not wearing the same one both days.  Important note.

INKnBURN Ambassadors

We take the T over to PNC Park and immediately find everyone for group pictures.  It's raining a bit, but better today than tomorrow.  

SCRR featuring fly-by Dennis

All the people we were looking to meet up with arranged group pictures at exactly the same spot which was awesome. Dennis even dropped into the SCRR one which really made me laugh.  Silly bugger!  

This is a fab shot of the We Run Social PGH crew thanks to Joe.

I've known Kristy for ages online, and finally we meet in real life!

My objective for the race is to run an average of sub 6 min kms and not harm myself overly in the process.  Kev is running with me.  Even though the rain and wind are a thing it's quite warm after we get going.  

I'm frustrated with my breathing still, since the flu it feels like my lungs are itching deep down when I push hard.  Other than that, it's a great run even in the light rain and wind.  The other exciting part is that we see the medal for the first time as the 5k is a miniature version of Sunday's medal.  I love this (I spend a lot of time avoiding any booths that may have the medal at the expo).  

I'm calling this a win, 30:26 final.

Now it's cookie time!

Next up: Marathon!


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