Mountain Time

I've been looking at the snowy peaks in the distance and badly wanting to get up there.  We're still early in shoulder season so options are limited unless you want to snowshoe or posthole through deep snow.  Enter Prairie Mountain.  Only a short 45 min drive from Calgary and with such a steep climb you earn stellar views.  It's a 685 metre gain over about 3.5 km.

This is my favourite sky colour.  In the course of our trek we had rain, sun and a little snow shower at the summit.

One thing I should point out is this trail was busy.  Normally I'd choose something else after seeing all the cars/people but today it was worth it.  I do not like crowds getting in the way of my wilderness.

After you reach the treeline just head for the clouds.

Everything just opens up.  It was warm enough to sit in a snow free spot for a while before we headed back.

I love this guy!  In some spots the snow was up to my waist still.  It was much cloudier when we left but as we descended (partly by falling on my arse) the sun came back out and we were surrounded by the smell of warm pine.  Perfect.

Click here for a summer report on this trail.


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