Having a Bad Race

I HAD AN UTTERLY SHIT RACE and I didn't die and I'm still running and doing other races and stuff AND IT'S OKAY.

I started a race I knew was going to be challenging.  Even when things were going badly - which was from 10k on - I kept trying to find a way forward.

I found positive things.  Plus, I had learnings.  I'm also more determined to nail my next ultra.

Running with this guy is the best


Since going back and re-doing is not an option, the only thing to do is not dwell on the past, learn and move on to another (probably more stupid) goal.

Never ever let fear stop you from trying new scary things.  I'm still glad I tried.  There's more self respect in that than there is in quitting.

Fighting your body for 5 hours is going to make you feel verrrry bad for most of the week after the event.

I ran a 100k in Feb, struggled to get back into marathon shape for Pittsburgh then blew up in Calgary.  People run ultras/races every weekend but that doesn't mean it was the right time for me to do this stuff.  Listen to your body.  Every single person is different.

I don't hate road running.  In fact, I really like it.  I do not however, like running on open roads between parked cars and 2 way traffic.  Nope.

A change is a great thing for mental tiredness.  I don't want to stop doing anything but I'm going to focus on fitness and weight loss for the next little while.

No schedule or training plan, just running because running = HAPPY BRAIN!

Why the fuck would a marathon finish be a fail, stop behaving like an arse.

I'm moving on now.

If you have a truly terrible race, don't beat yourself up.  Chances are you've done that enough already during the event.


  1. I've had more than a few bad races. You hang in there and keep going, till the time comes, if it comes, to bail out because you're about to injure yourself. It makes you stronger, and teaches you what you need to do next time. Or not do next time.

    1. Thanks Keith, you are correct. I suspect I'll have a few more too :)


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