Running a Hot Race?

I mean really hot.  Next weekend I'm going to be running in 108 degrees Friday and it gets hotter Saturday so I've been looking for ideas to make it feel less burny.  Is survivable a word?

Here are 5 things I'll be doing to make life better:

1 - Ice in a towel or bandana.  My friend popped up during my not-awesome Calgary race this year with frozen washclothes, ice was still attached.  Heaven on the back of your neck.  We'll fill a cooler with ice on the way out of the hotel and stuff some wristbands and bandanas in there.

2 - Hydrate properly before and after each race.  By that I mean drink plenty nuun.  Electrolytes are essential, not just water.  My nuun will also be going in the cooler to prevent reaction with the heat.

3 - Slow down.  Your body can react to the heat/sun in a number of alarming ways.  I'm doing these races for fun and the experience of running/surviving them, so I will not have a time goal.  Run by effort.

4 - Hats and sunscreen of course.  Do I need to add that?  Probably.  **pack the sunscreen

5 - Cover up for sun, strip down for shade.  Not entirely though, that would be very unpleasant for other runners.

It just hasn't been hot enough here to acclimate to this kind of temperature so I'm hoping my decent fitness level will be a substitute for heat training. Stop laughing. Obviously if you are able to train in similar conditions to the race then you will be in a much better place going in.

Despite all this I'm beyond excited to run these trails.  Look out for race reports!


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