Nihahi Ridge

Nihahi Ridge      13.45 km*    775m elevation gain

*Distance is round trip based on parking at Forgetmenot Pond.  All other parking areas were packed when we arrived at 9:45 am.

To get to the ridge trail you have to park then follow the Little Elbow trail past an entire campground.  One side is lovely with the Elbow River right there, the other side is a dusty gravel road with camp traffic.

Follow the Nihahi Ridge signs, if you cross a bridge over the Elbow you are going the wrong way (trust me).  There's a short climb through forest, a lovely open meadow area then a further climb - pic below.  It was crazy windy in this area but the trail went around the northern (sheltered) side of the ridge next.

Climbing bonus!

Put your poles away for this section.  There's a short climb then you're on the lower ridge and you can climb further to get to the upper part - you should, it's amazing.  The ridge itself is 10km long.

I'm trying not to move as there are big dropoffs on either side and I am naturally clumsy.  Seriously I fell onto bath taps this week while shutting the bathroom window.

This is the view directly in front of me.

Kev went on a little further.

I love finding new trails. This one was very busy though, if I was going to do it again I would definitely start earlier.  The most entertaining part was listening to Canadians apologizing to each other for taking time to get down some very tricky climbs.  You meet the nicest people on top of mountains!


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