June Goals

It's been a hectic start to the year, work is consistently busy and I have completed my first 24 hour race and 2 marathons - and one of those was supposed to be a 50k.  I'm still dealing with that.

I want to use June to regroup and get ready for the second half of 2017.

Goals I'm working on:

Lose 5 lbs before the Vegas trip.  I want to feel comfortable in my clothes again.  Since I'm not training for a race I can do this more specifically between eating better and having more choice/variety of workouts.

Run for fun.  I have some great races (with no time goals) coming up, Millarville 8 mile (June 17) then my 3 Vegas hot as hell races (July).  In the meantime I'm loving the treadmill and doing whatever I feel for pace and distance.

Stress.  Between work and things going on outside of work I've been completely overwhelmed.  Some days are hard to get through.  I've been getting up to the mountains more and trying to recognize things I can't control and things that are just not important.  Ongoing project.

In between those I'm enjoying the hell out of the new Twin Peaks series, it's been a treat. Hurrah for damn fine TV!

I'm linking up with Ange and Carmy to get back on track today.  Thanks ladies.


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