So, Randomly

Hello Thursday, it's random time!  Read all about it over here.

My bushes

I was going to start out with a picture of my flowerbeds today vs 2 years ago (because FB demanded I look at it) then I realized it was pretty boring. In summary my bushes are really big and I haven't killed anything.  Gardening win, suburbia points to the max.

Product stuff

I rarely buy skin products or make up unless it dries out or I lose it.  I suck at being girly.  I'm not big on purses or shoes either unless I'm running in them (shoes, not purses).  Brie was talking about Beautycounter, it's toxin free and she loves it so I'm giving a couple of things a go.  The biggest sell for me is they do not test their products on animals.  YES.  I'm trying out the charcoal cleansing bar and mascara, intriguing!

All the Vegas things

So it's 119 F in Vegas this week, and I have 3 runs coming up there.  I'm finding that entertaining.  I probably will not be as entertained a couple of kms in to the races.  BRB I have to go and read about heat survival.  File this under 'stuff I do for cool bling'.

The Golden Knights unveiled their first jersey design and of course I'm interested because Marc-Andre Fleury will be wearing it next year.  I watched him get drafted and have seen his hugely successful career unfold, it's heartbreaking that he's leaving Pittsburgh.  Having said that, I get it.  I quite like the jersey, simple logo, grey background, I might check out their team store when I'm down just because.

Did you know when I first started watching the Pens in 2002 they were awful?  It's ridiculous and wonderful and crazy that we have won 3 Stanley Cups since then.  Sexiest damn trophy out there.

I think my husband looks like Phil Kessel in the bottom one but that could just be me.


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