Millarville Farmers' Market 8 Mile June 17, 2017

It's a half hour drive to Millarville for us, then we are sent to Black Diamond by schoolbus for the race start.  I love that this race offers a Half marathon and 8 mile option as I certainly wasn't up for a Half.  An 8 mile with cinnamon buns however is just about perfect.

It's quite overcast at the start, we head out of Black Diamond straight onto a backroad where we join the Halfers. Our start is half an hour later than theirs.  I managed to feed the cats before we left but forgot about eating anything myself so I am DELIGHTED to see this.  

If you register as a 'bunner' you must eat a Cob's cinnamon bun at each of 2 stops, I am a 'runner' however those things taste like everything that is good in the world so I'm in there.  

The countryside is beautiful throughout the run.  Blue sky and sun start coming through about halfway in.  

Basically awesome support....

There's the next bun stop and I see my lovely friend Rachel and an array of magnificent buns. HAI!  

The finish line is at the edge of the farmers' market and there are even more buns.  This race is everything I needed - fresh air, countryside, rolling hills, buns and a gorgeous medal from Two Springs Ceramics.  I saw a lot of friends out on the course (mostly as they shot by, I was not fast).  Kev was 5th overall though, that was cool - well done sausage.

We went shopping for fresh fruit after....

....and came home with a cat.

In summary:


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