Backyard Summer '20 - Jasper Park Lodge

Welcome to my Summer of Fairmonts!  Today's edition is the gorgeous Jasper Park Lodge.  Once again we enjoyed a deal with one night free, parking is always free and since the rooms are spread throughout the grounds you can typically park right by your room. Bonus.

It's more of a lodge feel than the Chateau, a little less formal with giant fireplace and huge windows overlooking Lac Beauvert.

Sadly we did not get a chance to enjoy the outdoor heated pool.  It was very rainy throughout our stay and we were already soggy from hiking most days.

There are so many beautiful places to sit and enjoy the grounds.  And dessert.

The room was just fantastic, we were upgraded to a junior suite with fireplace.  So cozy.  This type of summer may never happen again so we're making the most of it.  Actually I hope it never happens again, OMG enough already.  I'm glad we live somewhere so beautiful in the meantime.

If you look closely in the picture below there's a small furry welcome party at the top of the steps.  Elk were always on the property as well, it was lovely.

We had a fantastic stay.  It was very busy in the main lodge, it seems this is a bit of a tourist attraction.  Other than that, perfect.


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