Midyear Virtual Roundup

I have registered for quite a few virtual races this year, in fact probably way too many.  I have lost 18 lbs in the process of training for and running them so I'm going to say it's all good.  So far I've done these:

I have a problem saying no when races like Pittsburgh, Detroit or ET come up.  So, there's a few to go yet.  Including 3 marathons.  I'm planning to do those in the fall after prime summer hiking is finished. 
I think everyone has found different ways of keeping themselves going during this mess, I'm thankful so many races have offered virtual options.  Between that and hiking it's giving me something to look forward to.  

I honestly can't wait to stand on a start line again with thousands of other runners, in the meantime - virtuals it is!

As far as anything else for 2020 goes, survival is my only goal followed by many, many vacations when we can do that properly again.  Like, tons of them.  I'm going to start with Vegas.  I miss America.


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