Edith Cavell - Jasper

Path of the Glacier - 2.5 km 100 m elevation gain
Climbers' route (partial) to moraine - 4 km  200 m elevation gain

I have wanted to see this area since we moved here.  It always seemed to be the wrong time of year and after the Ghost Glacier fell into the pond in 2012 there has been a lot of reconstruction.  Last year limited numbers of permits were given out for each day.

On the way into Jasper we took a detour up the steep winding misty 14k entry road and found this absolutely stunning sight.  At 4:30pm in the rain we had the entire place to ourselves.  Note: the Path of the Glacier trail stops short of the pond at an overlook.  There is a risk of ice falling and further floods closer to the pond.  

Glacial iceberg.

Small avalanche from the snow patch.

If that's all we had done I would have been more than delighted but we came back on the day we were leaving Jasper to hike the 1 km open on the Meadows trail to see if there were views.  The trail is still snowbound after that point (usually it doesn't open until mid July).

Every inch of this trail is stunning.  Marmots watched us passing.

Slightly to the side of the trail closure by the moraine is the climbers' route to Mt Edith Cavell and that's where this magic is.  Are there even words?

It was everything I thought it would be.  Mittens 5 agrees.


A few zoom shots of the glaciers Kevin took.  Everything about this trail was breathtaking.  I can die happy.  It was worth the 15 year wait.


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