Valley of the 5 Lakes - Jasper

5 km round trip   150 m elevation gain

Are you in Jasper?  Is the sun shining?  Then you should probably do this fabulous little lake hike.  We did not set out to do it, we followed the small scraps of blue sky we had finally spotted and they led to the trail.  It wasn't even all that busy.  That might be related to the copious amounts of rain we were having.

Put mosquito repellent on before you leave the parking lot.  Trust me.  Lots.

After the initial flat section east, the trail loops to cover all 5 lakes. You can do a short or a long loop, this is the short 'highlight' loop.

Okay, so the lakes don't actually have names.  They are literally First Lake, Second Lake etc.  This shows a huge lack of imagination in my opinion.  You can name them yourself while hiking.


This is also the lake with the cute red chairs at the end.

Standing at the edge of Fifth Lake is a very good place to be when sun breaks through.

The effort/reward ratio is prettay prettay good on this one.  Highly recommend.


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