Consolation Lakes - Moraine Lake area

8.7 km including Moraine Rockpile  292 m elevation gain including scree climb by lake

This one time we turned up at Moraine Lake at 11am, drove straight in and got parked.  There were zero tourist buses.  No bear restrictions.  Furthermore, we were able to traipse up to the Rockpile viewpoint before beginning our trail.  It wasn't even all that busy.  It's a unicorn summer for sure.

The trail begins with a beautiful creek crossing under the Tower of Babel.  

After that it gently leads through forest next to a very enthusiastic (and slightly floody) river.  

Before you know it you're at the bank of Consolation Lake.  There are 2 lakes split by a small rocky strip.  Getting this shot involved quite a bit of rock hopping to reach the water.  Worth it.

The rain started to come down the valley not long after we arrived, instantly everyone left and we had this beautiful place to ourselves.  That's Fay Glacier hanging on to Mount Fay with Mount Babel to the right.  It's a spectacular valley.

We did a bit of climbing up the scree to the right just to get a different view of the lakes.

The cloud coming down off the mountain tops was fascinating.

Big rocks, medium rocks, small rocks.

A couple of times it brightened up before the rain really set in.

He cute.

Hell of a nice day up here.  Isn't it funny how this area is normally inaccessible due to crowds?  That's crazy to me.  I live here and I haven't been to Moraine Lake in 14 years.


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