Friday - the week so far

Tuesday - I went to the gym for the first time since Goodlife ate Gold's.  It was hot in there which led to a blister on my toe and some unpleasant chafing (I shall spare you further details).  I'll put on Glide next time.  I ran 12 x 400m intervals at 5:55 with 90 sec recovery intervals in between (my last race pace was 6:39).  It took me 65 mins including warm up. I am happy to have done everything as per the plan at the right speed. 

Wednesday - Very stiff in the morning, not just my legs but core as well.  Lunchtime XIT was a challenge, we started with running repeats/jumps then strength repeats with weights, planks and more cardio repeats in sets of 6.  I am the only new person in the (very fit) class.  Next week I will schedule better and not have these back to back.  I figured out the extreme part - I think it means we have no breaks unless you count collapsing on the mat during plank, which I did more than a few times.

Thurs - am Fusion Stretch Yoga was lovely though I managed to pull something in my thigh somehow.  The room is fabulous with dim lighting, soft music and plenty space for everyone.  I like this class!

Thurs - pm Tempo run in the gym.  The Glide worked great, hurrah!  Other than that, this was pure torture, after a 3k easy warm up I was sweating and purple - it is SO HOT in there.  Next was 5k at my short tempo pace which should have been a very do-able 6:26.  It wasn't, every step was hard.  I stopped to sweat and pant 3 times then resumed.  Not happy with this but at least I got through it.  I wonder if this would be better outside?

Today is Friday and I am doing nothing!!  No activity whatsoever.

I have a confession, I contacted a nutritionist a couple of weeks ago since I'm struggling with energy levels and well, pretty much everything to do with what I'm eating.  I gained 6lbs since the Vegas race and it does not want to shift.  She emailed me back and I've been hiding from her ever since due to abject fear she will take my chocolate biscuits away.  Hell.


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