Dinosaur 10k Sept 11, 2011.

Still no Garmin for this race, but I had a brilliant idea to measure my time....

On the shuttle

Two of my colleagues at work were running the Half and let me know there was also a 10k.  I checked online and the awesome dinosaur chasing the runner on the medal sealed the deal.  We spent the night in Drumheller for the race the next day, it was going to be hot and sunny.  
 What a gorgeous morning.  This time I did not make the mistake of wearing extra layers and added a hat and a cooling neckband I had from a kayaking trip.  After a touching minute of silence for 9/11 we watched the Halfers head off toward their enormous hill.   
The course went through a housing area for the first half then back into the Badlands.  I had the stunning idea of measuring time with my I-Pod playlist, so I knew if I heard a certain song at a certain time (co-ordinated with my watch) then I was okay for my time goal.  Well didn’t that go straight to hell when instead of playing everything in sequence the bloody thing jumped.   By the time I got to 5k I knew I wasn’t doing well thanks to the km markers and then I got too hot and the walk breaks started.   

Last arse shot ever

We ran the rest of the route around bemused tourists who were also enjoying the Badlands scenery.  Toward the end we ran down a portion of road alongside a huge RV, not fun.  The finish was lovely, we came around the spectators and runners who had already finished to the big inflatable arch and a shiny new medal.  Drinks and snacks were right there.  My time was 1:08 though I had wanted to be closer to 1:00.  


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