Run for Water 10k Sept 8, 2012.

After Edmonton we saw this race online and thought with it being right here in Calgary, it would be a nice addition.  I had trained hard for Edmonton and was interested to see what effect this would have on my 10k time.  Plus this would be the first 10k Kev would run 'properly'.

It is another beautiful sunny blue sky day, we park at Eau Claire right by the start line.  It is still a bit chilly out of the sun but I know when the run starts I will likely be too hot.  The start line area is perfectly organized and includes a table with Ethiopian coffee being hand made.  After a warm up they advise the timing mats have been activated so not to cross them.

 And we’re off!  Kevin has joined a faster group and I start near the 1:00 sign.  At first it is very congested but I am surprised at how quickly everyone spreads out along the pathway.  I manage to maintain a sub-6:00k pace for the first 3k then realize it’s just not going to happen for the entire race.  As we pass the zoo and head down Memorial I really want to walk.  Instead I slow my pace and try to keep going.
The 5k joins us and we have chaos.  At least it is distracting from my struggle especially watching the kids run along the pathway with their little race bibs on.  The 5k turns to cross the Peace Bridge and we head down another section to cross the river.  I catch up with a girl out for a Saturday run – not part of the race.  Her pace is awesome and I fall in behind her as we cross to Prince’s Island.  We are back with the 5k and I am surrounded by small people.  I finish in 1:01.  That’s another 7 min improvement over my last 10k race so I’m delighted despite not being able to breathe.  Kev finished in 47 mins since he was finally set free from chasing me around the course.

We recover in the Eau Claire courtyard with the other runners, a juice box and a burger.  Perfection!  In an unhealthy I shouldn’t be eating this kind of way. 
Outstanding race, superb organization and money raised for Ethiopia.  This one is definitely on my list for the future.


  1. We ran so many of the same races last year! I finished this one super close in time to you - I think it was in 1:00:48 or something like that!

    LOVE this race and cannot wait to do it again this year!

  2. Hopefully we'll see each other at some races this year!


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