Winter running

Next race - Hypothermic Half  Feb 9th

If you had told me when I moved to Canada 10 years ago I would not only be running but running in -16°C I would have laughed at you and gone back to eating donuts on the couch.  This year I registered for the Hypothermic Half with the sole intent of forcing myself to be active through the winter instead of hibernating until March which is what I did last year.  To be fair we were also trying to sell the house which meant an insane amount of cleaning (aerobics?) for our grand total of 33 showings.  Remind me never to do that again.

I did have a break after the Las Vegas RnR Half (almost exactly a month) and getting back to running was hard.  My speed was awful, it's only been on my last couple of long runs that I've been been able to get anywhere near my pace from last year.  In January I've run hills a few times purely because the hill down to the river was the least icy spot in Cranston.  

After this race I have to start training for my back-to-back races on April 6 & 7.  That's the first of my two biggest challenges for the year.  

Fish Creek trails, all kinds of beautiful


  1. Fish Creek park is one of my most special places in Calgary - I used to work down there and love it no matter what time of year :)

    Good luck tomorrow! I seriously considered signing up for hypo but wasn't sure how my recovery from Goofy would be so held off. Then, when I figured I would be fine - it was sold out. It's going to be a beautiful day for it! You're so lucky!

  2. I love it there too, I discovered it properly when we moved to Cranston in May. Must take more pics of the flowers this year.

    Hypo review coming shortly! :)


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